I Live in LA…

I moved to LA just over two weeks ago. It is not a decision that was made lightly, come to think about it, its inception came with the new year. Each month at work we would plan out our calendar, filled with team outings, special events, and days of recognition. Not unlike most, with the New Year came New Year’s Resolutions. So many people have a love/hate relationship with the idea of making resolutions but it is a habit I have come to enjoy and look forward to. On our team, at work, we made vision boards to hang at our desks, this way our days would be led, both consciously and not, with thoughts and images that would propel us into the direction of our dreams and completing our goals. In retrospect, I notice that I have actually been looking at my path every day for seven months before I ever left Virginia. A vision full of quotes of inclusion, countries to visit, and a cut out of the word HOLLYWOOD. Fast forward just a bit, maybe a few months later, and I actually started to have dreams that would push me further. They were reoccurring, maybe two or three dreams that were time sensitive. All centered around me moving to Los Angeles, where an obstacle or some sort of family life almost kept me from leaving. A flight nearly missed, or an opportunity that I wasn’t able to take advantage of, yet in the end, I always made it. These dreams made me believe that I had just a small window of time to plot out and make the move, or I would miss my opportunity and live a life unfulfilled. After that I was certain. I knew that God had something to do with this, like it wasn’t just me wanting to pick up and go somewhere or be famous. I felt and I prayed that I would align myself in God’s will for my life. So, I started to actualize my vision with a plan. I decided that I would give myself to the end of summer ’17 to move to California. I prayed some more, I fasted, and I knew that by August 29, sink or swim and ready or not, I would leave my nest of home and pursue a life of passion.

IMG_2640I moved to LA July 19, a little over a month before my intended plan. The budget that I had been planning to implement, out the window, My savings account, pretty depleted. All I had to really hold onto was the fact that I was working up until that last Friday, that way I was set up to leave with a full paycheck from my employer, as well as one on the way, once I made it to California, a weeks work for that following pay period. Celi ended up presenting an option for a two bedroom in her neighborhood that we had the potential to try and secure for the month of July. Neither of us wanted to pass up on the opportunity and although we didn’t end up going that route, that was my catalyst. It left me with a date I would not be able to walk back out of and as soon as I surrendered to it, everything else fell into place. It’s interesting. I put a ton of energy into feeling like I needed to leave with a certain amount of money,or interviews and jobs lined up; yet, as soon as I trusted myself with the date, all the weary of needing the picture perfect exit plan escaped me. I felt unstoppable and it didn’t matter how much money I had on standby, I was leaving Newport News, Virginia.

There were no tears at the airport that Wednesday morning. My mother waited until we parted ways to have her moment; thankfully so, and I have yet to cry since leaving VA. I never would have imagined things would happen as quickly as they have. As soon as I landed at LAX we literally hit the ground running. These past two weeks have been a bit of a busy blur. I’ve been to Palm Springs, visited a friend from school in San Diego, hiked Runyon Canyon, and met so many people. Literally by the time we got to Sunday I was begging Celi for the weekend to be over. Don’t get me wrong, it was great fun and adventure, the world never stopped, but I felt in my spirit that I needed a moment to sort of be still and plant my feet into the ground of Southern California. I needed my mind and body to recognize the fact that I was 3K miles away from home and on a journey, all on my own.

As fate would allow, I had all of about 2 days or so to come to that realization. By that Wednesday I was at an interview with a temp agency and by Friday I had booked my first industry gig, hired to work as a Production Assistant on the set of a feature film, Jezebel, through Monday. I was floored. Are you kidding me?! Let’s be clear, I was super ecstatic to even have an opportunity of this magnitude. All with little to no experience, and so quickly into my life in LA. I had another interview, (yesterday) which went really well and I can’t wait for everything that’s about to happen. This train is just getting started. I had a production meeting for #TSAP, (The Sunday Afternoon Podcast) coming very soon! Also, August 14, I am hosting a script reading for none other than my best friend, and roommate Franceli Chapman. She wrote a movie y’all so stay tuned for all this greatness.

P.S. I got the job.

DAY 24, 25, & 26

Tell us about the last movie you saw in theatres.

The last movie I went to see was The Perfect Guy, starring Sanaa Lathan and Michael Ealy. I really appreciate the fact that they both executive produced the film, I think that looks amazing for Black Hollywood. Sure, I had a few issues with the film, but overall, they did a great job with the story they selected. It wasn’t a “black” film, it was acted well, and the characters were believable. I mentioned it a little in the podcast a few weeks ago.

In other news, I watched Blackbird, a film i talked about here for heed magazine. I definitely feel that it is a story that should be told, vastly important to so many of our communities; however, the film was quite trash-ish, to be frank. It just was not executed very well, at all. There were a few great moments, but even Mo’Nique and Isaiah Washington struggled with inconsistencies.

I’ve come to really appreciate film and television again. More on TV later.

Tell us about the last book you read.

The Four Agreements. I highly recommend it. For peace of mind, and peace in life. It gave me such a fresh perspective on how I few the world and how the agreements that I make, like anyone else, affect the way in which we all live. It is officially on my list of favorites.

Name one place you would love to visit one day.

I want to go to the middle east. Not forever, but I would love to spend some time traveling there. I have wanted to learn arabic for years. Which reminds me, I keep meaning to dust of the rosetta stone that i purchased to assist in learning that difficult tongue. But I want to see the world, and teach children English, one day. Only for a short while.

PS We are officially at the home stretch and I have to say, I can’t wait for this to be over. Seriously. I am very much looking forward to getting myself re-acclimated with the world of social media. Sometimes I feel like I am missing everything! Such is life. I was catching up on Wendy Williams earlier and I heard her say something incredibly profound during her ask Wendy segment. “Who has time to usher anyone into their own happiness? move on.” Yes to your will lord, thats all I could say! but lets discuss the quote tomorrow.

Because its Sunday, and I’m going to church. Its the topic of discussion on The Sunday Afternoon.