9479_WM_6panelRollOUTWilliam McDowell has an amazing new gospel CD out! I purchased the album on iTunes on my way to work yesterday and I fell out. My grandmother introduced me to Jesus on her fireplace so many moons ago, and this is exactly how I first met Him. The CD is full, its praise and worship, free forming and it gives you the opportunity to completely participate in the experience. Its not black. Its not white. Its just Jesus.




Ok, so here’s the thing, everyone needs a passion project! Despite your age, sex, occupation, all of that, we need to be inspired and these projects give up room to grow creatively. Aside from The Sunday Afternoon w/ Keith Andre Podcast, and this site, I had an epiphany a few days ago (I’ll share more on the podcast) to direct and perform in one of my favorite plays. I am incredibly excited, and overwhelmingly anxious, but I believe in my dream and I’ve been reminded to believe in the vision that God has given me. I ordered the play a few days ago and I can’t wait to get started with the project!


janet_hubert2011-med-wideLinda listen, I really wish y’all would allow her to be great! We’ve all heard about her response in regard to the Oscars and the Smiths, but she landed herself an interview w on HuffPost Live where she dishes further on her beliefs and the little miss Dash who must not be mentioned. Agree or disagree, I’m here all the way for Aunt Viv! I think that she is talented, she has a pedigree and I live for the way she presents herself. Give her one more chance world, I’d like to see her acting again, or at least a Celebrity Apprentice type of gig.


Yea right! I have been struggling with my body goals for a few months now. To be completely honest, I managed to fall completely off the wagon and I am having the most difficult time hopping back on! Fitness is important. I’m all about having goals for yourself and finding ways to accomplish all it is that you aspire, but above all I want to be healthy and I hope you do too. And I don’t need your skinny shaming. My body is compact but it aint all that I want it to be so hush. I’ve been working with The Hawk Personal Training to find ways get my fitness back in check! The hardest part at this point is starting, and making the time to get it done. Owner and trainer, Ty Hawkins, based out of NC sends me a detailed regiment every Friday for the week. Continue to pray y’all, and you can email her directly if you’re interested as well.

look, 4 out of 5 aint bad! lol. See you Sunday,