I can’t think of one time that I have went into Barnes&Nobles and  not been excited about the trip. It’s the type of place I frequent with a purpose, there are not many times you’ll find me hanging around the shelves of books, just for kicks. I remember I used to go and sit, and enjoy a snickers brownie from the Starbucks inside. Those, my friends, were indeed the good days.

In case you missed this weeks podcast, I announced the first book I’m reading this year. None other than The 48 Laws of Power, by  Robert Greene. This is one of the many books on my list, that has kind of been there, slightly overlooked, for a few years now. I have had many a friend discuss this book. Exalting the possession of these laws of powers and how impactful they have been in changing their lives. Also, on the contrary, I’ve had friends review the book and assert that the style, the cadence in which the authors’ thinking, or the the forthright of this perspective as being too foreign or unsettling with their person.

That is exactly what I found to be most interesting. You see, on my quest of #thinkchanging I find myself easily enamored with things that appear paradoxical in nature. I am absolutely here for the challenge of examining my own thoughts and the way I present myself, my believes, and perspective to this world. Having read great works, life changing even, like The Four Agreements and The Alchemist, I am compelled to see how this body of work will impact those believes I’ve garnered and grown to see as so very valuable.

I made my way to Barnes&Nobles this morning before work. I didn’t have time to tarry, (I was also uninterested) having mapped out my day with enough time to pick up my book and hit it to work. I wanted to be early with enough time to get situated, and begin to read the first few pages. I walked into the bookstore, asked for help, and my initial response to the big orange paperback was to be taken aback, in my head the book wasn’t as thick, or intimidating as it now appeared before me. For some reason, or another, I thought the #48laws would be a quickened devouring of principals (I blame the Facebook/instagram posts.) I flipped through the pages, examined the back cover and then ruffled through about three or four copies to find the one that felt most new. I hastened to the register, feeling accomplished and ecstatic about this challenge.

I expect to learn a lot. I look forward to embracing new ideas and the examination of so many of the thoughts that already run around in my head idly. More than anything, I can not wait to see how I can implement these laws and garner the power and greatness that already lives within.

If you’re looking for your next read, you are more than welcome to read with me, I’ll keep you posted. I’d love to know what you think or what you’re reading.

See you Sunday,

DAY 24, 25, & 26

Tell us about the last movie you saw in theatres.

The last movie I went to see was The Perfect Guy, starring Sanaa Lathan and Michael Ealy. I really appreciate the fact that they both executive produced the film, I think that looks amazing for Black Hollywood. Sure, I had a few issues with the film, but overall, they did a great job with the story they selected. It wasn’t a “black” film, it was acted well, and the characters were believable. I mentioned it a little in the podcast a few weeks ago.

In other news, I watched Blackbird, a film i talked about here for heed magazine. I definitely feel that it is a story that should be told, vastly important to so many of our communities; however, the film was quite trash-ish, to be frank. It just was not executed very well, at all. There were a few great moments, but even Mo’Nique and Isaiah Washington struggled with inconsistencies.

I’ve come to really appreciate film and television again. More on TV later.

Tell us about the last book you read.

The Four Agreements. I highly recommend it. For peace of mind, and peace in life. It gave me such a fresh perspective on how I few the world and how the agreements that I make, like anyone else, affect the way in which we all live. It is officially on my list of favorites.

Name one place you would love to visit one day.

I want to go to the middle east. Not forever, but I would love to spend some time traveling there. I have wanted to learn arabic for years. Which reminds me, I keep meaning to dust of the rosetta stone that i purchased to assist in learning that difficult tongue. But I want to see the world, and teach children English, one day. Only for a short while.

PS We are officially at the home stretch and I have to say, I can’t wait for this to be over. Seriously. I am very much looking forward to getting myself re-acclimated with the world of social media. Sometimes I feel like I am missing everything! Such is life. I was catching up on Wendy Williams earlier and I heard her say something incredibly profound during her ask Wendy segment. “Who has time to usher anyone into their own happiness? move on.” Yes to your will lord, thats all I could say! but lets discuss the quote tomorrow.

Because its Sunday, and I’m going to church. Its the topic of discussion on The Sunday Afternoon.

“When you have meditation, thats where prosperity comes.”

I watch this video almost as nearly as much as I think about it. We all want to be great; greater even; blazoned with dreams, goals, and great aspiration. In doing so, I find myself interested in examining my own processes. The things that I say, my actions, thoughts, expectations, so many of the things that correlate with the person I believe myself to be. From Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday’s, to The Four Agreements, and other daily doses of inspiration, all are utilized to ground myself into a clean consciousness.

I think it is a shared experience. Whether we have trust issues, insecurities, or even feel the need to please others, all of what we fulfill comes from the way in which we think. It is imperative that we guard our thoughts and take consideration the way we feel about the things that we say, and the things that are said to us.

What I have come to know is that “you can’t use anything that I tell you against me,” because I told you, and so I won’t let you. If I deem myself something then that is it. I am what I say I am, communicated verbally or non, and if I am not conscious or respective of the belief I have over myself, that changes.

I am in control of my person and I make it my business not to allow others any access to control over that space. Life is filled with criticism, hate, and the opinions of others, making it extremely difficult at times to hear even our own voices. For me, one thing I hate to hear someone say is that “You are just too much,” or anything to that affect grinds my gears. In part, because I have had to deal with that struggle and moments of feeling like my mouth, my behavior and actions were excessive.

It made me feel like there was something wrong with every part of me and to hear it now, I have to actively combat that expectation, because I no longer make that agreement with myself. I am not too much. I am adequate. I am decisive. Or, I am articulate and assertive, self aware, I am a boss! Get the picture? I refute any inkling of negative connotation a person might try and set on me with adjectives that purport the things that I find necessary to be successful; prosperous, in achieving that greatness we all so incessantly desire.

Let me know if this is helpful in your experience and any takeaways you get from the video.