After Sunday: 10/23/16

Sometimes I listen back to the podcast and I cringe. There were so many moments, in this episode, where I felt as if I had no clue how to articulate just exactly what was on my mind. And, I do believe, that’s the beauty of this After Sunday series.

We started this weeks episode with an announcement, that low-key, went seemingly unnoticed. Perhaps it was just that natural, but LUHRAY is the official co-host of The Sunday Afternoon podcast. I’m thrilled for many reasons. Not just because we have known each other for the most of our lives, or because when I first had the idea to go in and start a podcast I wanted to do it with her, but more than anything, because we gel so well together! I believe ours is a relationship that will grow both of us, the show, and our brands, collectively and independently. There is so much work to do, but I truly am excited to move forward into all that is to come.

Also, I wanted to flush out a bit more of the conversation we had about my father and his birthday. You can check out the backstory on our relationship, here. I think that Laure’s advice was deeply insightful, to just be, and invite the man to do things that we can both appreciate, together. I won’t lie, it won’t be the easiest thing in the world, for me. However, it really changes my perspective and takes the pressure off of trying to repair a relationship and just foster a space to build with the man.

In many ways, thats the exact same sentiment we have to take with relationships in general. Getting rid of all the pressure and just learning to be with people and communicating with them. More openly and more honestly. That’s the challenge of adulting. At least as I know it to be.

The idea of support is pertinent to me. When you think about you dreams and your goals there is no way you can consider them coming to fruition without some semblance of support. The topic was liking and lurking. Which one are you? I’ve spent a lot of time considering my vantage point and changing my mindset when it comes to an assessment of social media. It’s hard y’all, because we spend so much time in our own heads consistently evaluating the way in which other people perceive us. I can save you some trouble, it leads to nowhere. Chin up and check out this episode.

We’ll definitely see you Sunday. Oh, and I have a few tricks up my sleeves!


After Sunday’s: To Pee or Not to PEE!

After Sunday’s is a weekly blog that will chronicle, or kind of decompress a lot of the things we discussed on the podcast, things that I may have overlooked, or missed out on the chance to really unpack. This week I sat down with Delontè and we had a conversation that I really enjoyed!  I wanted to pick up on a few things in writing.

Tanikka. Thats my oldest sister, she has Lupus, two beautiful children, and she consistently exudes a level of grace (in front of people) that is completely unmatched. Anytime she is sickly in the hospital she is always beyond well mannered and courteous. She speaks to everyone who come into her room, nurse, doctor, housekeeper; and asks intently how they are doing. Her spirit is pure and genuine, kind. The most pure kindness I have ever experienced, even in her illness.

It’s almost baffling. She has spent the majority of her life sick and without complaint. We know that fear is not of God, and that is how I know that she experiences God, or at the very least, the love of Christ. Because, I’ve never left feeling that she was in fear of her life. Well, maybe twice, in so many years have I ever felt the extent of the severity of this chronically life threatening disease. I attribute that to her, her behavior. When I really sit and think about it, it makes me change my prayer, because I am grateful that God would grant her with such strength, she face her illness head on and she is unwavering in her ability to defeat it, consciously or not. Also,  it reignites in me a passion for family. The necessity to take advantage of the opportunity to celebrate, love, and be with them, now; presently.

gay church members are disillusioned? -more on this later, I’m still exploring this and I’ll wait to discuss this after my sit down with the Bishop.

The ordeal of the pee. Look, I don’t know why this was such a big deal for me because it’s something I so easily don’t subscribe to; however, something on the call made me feel inclined to help this person, with whom I so clearly no longer share a friendship. And so, the bigger issue is discovery. Having to sit and identify what within myself, still struggles with people pleasing. To be completely honest, it is an area that I feel has hindered me in so many ways! In the past I have been more eager to help and contribute to the success of others, before I even contribute to my own. That’s overwhelmingly flawed and I’ve come a long way, but this was a reminder that progress is just that, progress…

Check out this episode and let me know what you think! I love your responses and they may find themselves in next weeks episode.




9479_WM_6panelRollOUTWilliam McDowell has an amazing new gospel CD out! I purchased the album on iTunes on my way to work yesterday and I fell out. My grandmother introduced me to Jesus on her fireplace so many moons ago, and this is exactly how I first met Him. The CD is full, its praise and worship, free forming and it gives you the opportunity to completely participate in the experience. Its not black. Its not white. Its just Jesus.




Ok, so here’s the thing, everyone needs a passion project! Despite your age, sex, occupation, all of that, we need to be inspired and these projects give up room to grow creatively. Aside from The Sunday Afternoon w/ Keith Andre Podcast, and this site, I had an epiphany a few days ago (I’ll share more on the podcast) to direct and perform in one of my favorite plays. I am incredibly excited, and overwhelmingly anxious, but I believe in my dream and I’ve been reminded to believe in the vision that God has given me. I ordered the play a few days ago and I can’t wait to get started with the project!


janet_hubert2011-med-wideLinda listen, I really wish y’all would allow her to be great! We’ve all heard about her response in regard to the Oscars and the Smiths, but she landed herself an interview w on HuffPost Live where she dishes further on her beliefs and the little miss Dash who must not be mentioned. Agree or disagree, I’m here all the way for Aunt Viv! I think that she is talented, she has a pedigree and I live for the way she presents herself. Give her one more chance world, I’d like to see her acting again, or at least a Celebrity Apprentice type of gig.


Yea right! I have been struggling with my body goals for a few months now. To be completely honest, I managed to fall completely off the wagon and I am having the most difficult time hopping back on! Fitness is important. I’m all about having goals for yourself and finding ways to accomplish all it is that you aspire, but above all I want to be healthy and I hope you do too. And I don’t need your skinny shaming. My body is compact but it aint all that I want it to be so hush. I’ve been working with The Hawk Personal Training to find ways get my fitness back in check! The hardest part at this point is starting, and making the time to get it done. Owner and trainer, Ty Hawkins, based out of NC sends me a detailed regiment every Friday for the week. Continue to pray y’all, and you can email her directly if you’re interested as well.

look, 4 out of 5 aint bad! lol. See you Sunday,

PODCAST: Happy New Year

Only five days into 2016, what are you doing to stay on track with the goals you’ve set for the year? I hope you’re finding ways to stay encouraged and accountable! If you haven’t already, please check out my podcast, THE SUNDAY AFTERNOON. You can subscribe and download the show on iTunes and soundcloud!

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Sunday’s coming


Your thoughts or opinions about Mean Girls.

Fetch, legit has to be one of my favorite word, (lol) Seriously, #checkthecredits. I love that movie! I think its telling of the world we live in and the fact that your whole life is pretty much the summation of a high school experience, and you kind of have to learn to be okay with that. There was a time, believe it or not, when I was such a Mean Girl. I know, but I was, from like high school until my sophomore or junior year at NSU. Ultimately, being that person has everything to do with who YOU are, personally. It is absolutely about insecurity, and attention, and ra ra rah. I am so grateful that God had me get over myself, because thats a mess. I was especially opinionated. I strived on the weakness of others, I was solely interested in being negative towards others, examining their flaws, and taunting them for them. All for nothing. But thats the past. I’ve come to love myself, to be okay with who I am and what I have to offer this world. There is no need for me to try and chastise or quiet the spirit of anyone else. I am purpose driven. I have restructured my perspective and I have learned really great interpersonal relationship skills.

P.S. My friends are crazily talented. The thing I appreciate most is knowing that my friends are MULTI-talented. We really can’t be fit into boxes. I am so proud that we are all taking steps and laboring to make our dreams abound in our realties, all the while, willing to be transparent and truthful with our own experiences, because we live in a world saturated with the complete opposite. Please, take the time and check out Courtney @glitzglamgirl on IG, she has a new blog! The Road Travelled, and La’Tia @shoesavvy on IG, is writing too, savvyspeaksblog. Oh, and there is no way I could leave out @celitheactress or @celihangout! Keep dreaming Keep Sharing and Keep Supporting each other!

Alls fair in love and Sundays,


I fell in love this morning. It was the most unexpected love, not nearly felt half enough as much, still. Expressed the same..

That was good. It’s Tuesday and most anyone who knows me knows that I believe in the color, love, power, and overall encompassing, ethereal of music. I am always looking and listening for new music. My favorite genre is Mariah Carey. (lol) I kidd. Although, one of the first dreams I remember realizing is wanting to sing background for mother Mimi, digressing.  I downloaded Tidal last night, shoved in the right direction by the Jay Z freestyle and I think I’m liking it. Thankfully enough, I stumbled across the albums in the R&B/Soul genre, thats where Lili K Slapped me  in my face. I have been streaming her album, Ruby.

It’s so breathtaking. My whole commute to work I just kept thinking this is what Tuesday should feel like, what life should feel like. If I had to describe it, I would have to say it sounds of what I imagined the Lyricists’ Opus would be, done, differently. #noshade I love Chrisette Michele, but this album is everything.

Listening, I hear Judy Garland, Teena, Ledisi, Chrisette, and Minnie. Of course she notes Ella Fitzgerald and Erykah Badu as two of her great musical influences, but I love what she does for the culture of music. I love that she bends genre, I think she describes herself  a jazz musician but so much of the expression of her voice is tied with so many forces of discovery and influence, not unlike the rest of us. Hearing her music is a vivid awakening. It reminds me of the first time I stumbled across the music of Ella Fitzgerald or saw Singin’  in the Rain, or My Fair Lady! The juxtaposition of nostalgia and progressive, somewhere in the crux their, rests Lili K.

Lili K is young and educated. Her self produced album, Ruby, is a clear indication that we can be millennial and we can be interested, invested even, in culture, history, and art. She’s a superstar. She’s a class act, and she makes me want to spend time this summer in Chicago.


Stay Connected, tell me what you think. Plus, I’ll gift the first to comment on this post, her album. See you on Sundays,

Fill Me Up God.

“With more of who you are and less of who I am.”



Maybe, two Sunday’s ago, I was in the kitchen washing dishes and drinking coffee. I had finished watching Sheryl Brady, over at The Potters House North, and was actively listening to Pandora. It was on the Tasha Cobb’s station and that’s when I heard “Fill Me Up,” for the first time.  There was no way for me to shake the song, or the experience I felt as I cried out in passion and worship.

As soon as it ended I went to iTunes and saw that this instrument of praise, ultimate worshiper, Casey J, had a debut CD, titled The Truth, available for pre order.  It took me two seconds to make the purchase, no preview or nothing. I listened to the song a few more times and waited for the album to become available and automatically download.

I really enjoy purchasing music. In fact, a year ago my best friend had to sit me down. He made me adhere to a strict guidline of budget. Part of which detalied, no itunes purchases. I’ve always loved gospel music. I look forward to the inspiration and connectiveness of it. I think that spiritualty it is 100% inimitably important and it remains a constant security in time of defeat, fear and failure.

What I love most about this album is that it is such a complete experience of praise and worship. It is instrumental development, spiritually. I feel like its a transparant assitant, it wil usher you into worship, but its not rigid. There is so much room, on every track to just improvise and cry out the sentiment of your own heart. If you havent already, check it out! Plus, I will itunes gift the CD to the first person that comments to this post.


Looking for a Sunday Afternoon…