LA: Month II

I’m late. I swear I have started to write this blog at least three times this month already, in my head. Plus, I’ve jotted notes in a sharpie pen on a legal pad at work, like a week ago. Yet, I digress. My two biggest areas of opportunity going into month three are timeliness|time management and securing financial awareness|stability. In fact, it’s sad to say that I kind of stopped using my Erin Condren Life Planner for a bit. I feel awful, but I intend to end the year strong.

Aside from the shame that comes with the dust and blank September pages of my life planner, things continue to go well for me in the city of angels. I finally feel like I am settling into my job. No, it is not on my list of things I love to do, but I am ok with my current situation. Speaking of work, its hard to deal with the amount of money I spend on transportation everyday. I actually enjoy the luxury of riding, instead of driving to work, reading, listening to audio content or sleeping.  Each day, each trip rather, uber/lyft sends a complimentary receipt via email. I have so many that I am haunted. Honestly. There is no way I can continue to ignore the amount of money I spend just getting around here. Think about it; I mean we’re talking at least two trips a day. Hundreds of dollars a month, that all adds up, and I’m sick of it!

I feel like I’m really learning what it means to have a roommate as well. Somedays (a lot of them) it feels like Franceli and I spend more time being roommates than we do being friends. So much so that I have had to find quiet reminders, remnants of a friendship bound along life’s journey. I have always known that I’m a particular person.  A creature based on habit and routine. I am a planny person (despite having neglected my planner this month). I think I live a pretty quiet life. I love my own space and the companionship that comes with the ownership of my own little corner of the world. Don’t get me wrong because it’s not that Franceli and I yield two completely different lifestyles, we just happen to have two different operating systems, ya know? She’s the droid to my iOS device. (lol) In all fairness it is the beauty of our friendship that makes this situation work. And that’s what I am most grateful for.

This month comes with fresh opportunity as well. I am so ecstatic to be a host on Afterbuzz TV. Like, beyond. Currently, I am on the panel of three after shows: This is Us, Inhumans, and 90 Day Fiance. I almost feel as if the whole world it’s opening itself up to me. Lending me her ear to speak the entirety of my vision.  That’s a feeling many of us know to be fleeting, but when it comes it’s for sure something to grasp with the grip of both hands.

I also got the chance to produce a music video that will be released later this month.  (More on this later!) That’s not something I ever imagined being in the position to do. It lets me know that there is a place for me in entertainment bigger than the little I’ve imagined. Especially when it comes to music. Y’all know my first dream was to sing back up for Mariah Carey!

This month was showing of so much. More than anything I know the work that comes with being successful. Strategy is important. Time is of the essence. And, you can’t do shit without money. Thank God for favor because I still got tricks up my sleeves!


#XD30-six-Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman recently hit box offices everywhere and set summer movie records on fire. I got the chance to see the film earlier this evening and it’s easy to see why people everywhere are interested in the story. Let me start by saying that I don’t know anything about Wonder Woman, or any comic book hero for that matter. It has never been my thing, and when it comes to action movies, it’s not really a genre that I go running to the theatre to see. Yet, I have heard nothing but amazing things about the movie.

To be fair, lets go ahead and note that Wonder Woman is the story of Diana, (played by Gal Gadot) an Amazonian woman princess on an Island governed by women, in a world without men. She is linked to greek mythology in that the Amazons were created to save the world after Zeus and Aries fell out, and that is where we find young Diana, eager to fulfill a destiny and save the world.

I honestly thought the story was done quite well. Although I find it incredibly difficult to imagine a society that lacks men, I could appreciate the telling or showcasing of the depth of a people of women. Albeit, older, white women (on a petty note). I love the power and prowess that the film took on for women. The film made every effort to assert women and that’s something we don’t see everyday, nor do we always appreciate it. So, kudos to that!

One interesting aspect I noticed was the transition coming from the amazonian world of their island into the world of civilization. Diana went to sleep on a sailboat with her hair braided back and woke up with it completely undone. I’m not mad about it, but it’s interesting to see how easily the world erases aspects of her heritage. Just something to think about.

As a whole the film appeals most earnestly to the hopeless romantic. Let’s be clear, these women kick ass, but the story is so much bigger than a woman hero on a plight to save the world. Diana is a woman that is true to self and fully actualized. I think it would also be interesting to unpack the way a woman navigates herself when she comes from a world that is matriarchal as opposed to the patriarchal societies that govern most cultural societies. She is bold, forthright, and unapologetic in her quest to be herself, completely. The only way we save the world is through love.

#XD30-one-Dear Thirty

Dear Thirty,

Here we are, face to face. In all of my dreams I’d never thought we would meet this way. You have always been seen as something foreign, to me. A year and experience that would both be life altering and staggering. By the time I turned twenty five I had enough foresight to see that fear rested in thirty. I had remnants of the same fright at twenty five then twenty six and twenty eight. Feelings of unworthiness, disappointment, and loneliness.

I was relieved when you brought me something different. I spent a week joking about age and how being a year older, thirty, changed everything for the worse, but in all honesty I feel the opposite. There is power in you. Like, a spark that’s been ignited that in so many ways has been the erasure of anything that may have come before. I feel invincible.

My twenties were all about the idea of finding me. From all of the hair experiences to wearing make up and being gay- navigating gay friends and gay culture in Virginia, to unreal romantic experiences and all the responsibilities that come with learning to be an adult.

I have literally spent thirty years learning to be myself. When you look at it that way it is easy to see how thirty is just the beginning. There was so much time spent pretending to be someone else, living for so many other people, to the point that I am ready to cement myself in you. I know who I am and who I want to be and you, dear thirty, are the catalyst to such a greater experience.

I received an email yesterday confirming that I am an official graduate of Norfolk State University and in that moment I realized just how successful I have become. It took me eleven years to graduate from college. I started in 2006. To see that dream deferred, complete, is enlightening. Also, it is so telling of life’s experiences. You really are the new twenty. You come with a new set of challenges; operating on discipline, facing mortality, and cleaning up all those petty insecurities that still lie within me. However, you are a shield to it all.

You give me the next few years to be free. You are the experience that we all spent all of our lives waiting for, freedom. There is no more noise or cloudiness. I can do whatever I want.

a friendly reminder .

Somewhere along the way I quit writing for myself.  I even journal a whole lot less than what I was holding myself to just a few months ago. Why? Who knows. I’m sure if I took the time to think about it there would be a million and one reasons persistent, but I don’t see the value in that. Life happens, we all have shit going on but the most difficult aspect, for me, is remembering to put my own vision first, because it’s mine, and it was gifted to me. Honestly, I’ve been wanting to post for weeks now, but what truly prompted me tonight was coming across a FB live post by @joresab this evening. I spend a lot of my time in fear of doing things alone. Which parallels right into the podcast I’m doing this week, I spent labor day weekend in Atlanta. I went alone. I drove alone. I stayed alone. This trip was a reawakening, or maybe a reimagining of my own independence. The power that we each inaptly possess, unknowingly. I look forward to talking about it on tomorrows episode. But there is this fear that I seem to equate with being alone that is low-key holding my whole life hostage and yielding me to be stagnant. That crosses all lines; professionally and personally, that fear tends to keep me suppressing most of what I need out of life. It is something to think about, indeed.

I am not sure, but I get it. The lesson is major for me because a lot of the times I can be the complete opposite of housing that ownership which is completely required for growth.

This is my vision, my platform, no matter how small or minuscule it can feel, and my purpose. I think we need to realize that we have to pour into our own projects, and our platforms with the same intensity and fervor that we do to those around us. Even when you think about getting a new position at a new job, or an internship, or an opportunity to participate in someone else’s dreams effectively, nothings wrong with that, but don’t forget not to sell yourself short. That is what I have always done so easily. So I am super grateful for this reminder.


9479_WM_6panelRollOUTWilliam McDowell has an amazing new gospel CD out! I purchased the album on iTunes on my way to work yesterday and I fell out. My grandmother introduced me to Jesus on her fireplace so many moons ago, and this is exactly how I first met Him. The CD is full, its praise and worship, free forming and it gives you the opportunity to completely participate in the experience. Its not black. Its not white. Its just Jesus.




Ok, so here’s the thing, everyone needs a passion project! Despite your age, sex, occupation, all of that, we need to be inspired and these projects give up room to grow creatively. Aside from The Sunday Afternoon w/ Keith Andre Podcast, and this site, I had an epiphany a few days ago (I’ll share more on the podcast) to direct and perform in one of my favorite plays. I am incredibly excited, and overwhelmingly anxious, but I believe in my dream and I’ve been reminded to believe in the vision that God has given me. I ordered the play a few days ago and I can’t wait to get started with the project!


janet_hubert2011-med-wideLinda listen, I really wish y’all would allow her to be great! We’ve all heard about her response in regard to the Oscars and the Smiths, but she landed herself an interview w on HuffPost Live where she dishes further on her beliefs and the little miss Dash who must not be mentioned. Agree or disagree, I’m here all the way for Aunt Viv! I think that she is talented, she has a pedigree and I live for the way she presents herself. Give her one more chance world, I’d like to see her acting again, or at least a Celebrity Apprentice type of gig.


Yea right! I have been struggling with my body goals for a few months now. To be completely honest, I managed to fall completely off the wagon and I am having the most difficult time hopping back on! Fitness is important. I’m all about having goals for yourself and finding ways to accomplish all it is that you aspire, but above all I want to be healthy and I hope you do too. And I don’t need your skinny shaming. My body is compact but it aint all that I want it to be so hush. I’ve been working with The Hawk Personal Training to find ways get my fitness back in check! The hardest part at this point is starting, and making the time to get it done. Owner and trainer, Ty Hawkins, based out of NC sends me a detailed regiment every Friday for the week. Continue to pray y’all, and you can email her directly if you’re interested as well.

look, 4 out of 5 aint bad! lol. See you Sunday,


I can’t think of one time that I have went into Barnes&Nobles and  not been excited about the trip. It’s the type of place I frequent with a purpose, there are not many times you’ll find me hanging around the shelves of books, just for kicks. I remember I used to go and sit, and enjoy a snickers brownie from the Starbucks inside. Those, my friends, were indeed the good days.

In case you missed this weeks podcast, I announced the first book I’m reading this year. None other than The 48 Laws of Power, by  Robert Greene. This is one of the many books on my list, that has kind of been there, slightly overlooked, for a few years now. I have had many a friend discuss this book. Exalting the possession of these laws of powers and how impactful they have been in changing their lives. Also, on the contrary, I’ve had friends review the book and assert that the style, the cadence in which the authors’ thinking, or the the forthright of this perspective as being too foreign or unsettling with their person.

That is exactly what I found to be most interesting. You see, on my quest of #thinkchanging I find myself easily enamored with things that appear paradoxical in nature. I am absolutely here for the challenge of examining my own thoughts and the way I present myself, my believes, and perspective to this world. Having read great works, life changing even, like The Four Agreements and The Alchemist, I am compelled to see how this body of work will impact those believes I’ve garnered and grown to see as so very valuable.

I made my way to Barnes&Nobles this morning before work. I didn’t have time to tarry, (I was also uninterested) having mapped out my day with enough time to pick up my book and hit it to work. I wanted to be early with enough time to get situated, and begin to read the first few pages. I walked into the bookstore, asked for help, and my initial response to the big orange paperback was to be taken aback, in my head the book wasn’t as thick, or intimidating as it now appeared before me. For some reason, or another, I thought the #48laws would be a quickened devouring of principals (I blame the Facebook/instagram posts.) I flipped through the pages, examined the back cover and then ruffled through about three or four copies to find the one that felt most new. I hastened to the register, feeling accomplished and ecstatic about this challenge.

I expect to learn a lot. I look forward to embracing new ideas and the examination of so many of the thoughts that already run around in my head idly. More than anything, I can not wait to see how I can implement these laws and garner the power and greatness that already lives within.

If you’re looking for your next read, you are more than welcome to read with me, I’ll keep you posted. I’d love to know what you think or what you’re reading.

See you Sunday,

PODCAST: Happy New Year

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