PODCAST: Happy New Year

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Write the vision; make it plain!

That’s somewhere in the bible, for sure. ¬†Habakkuk 2:2. I have always known the importance of that, the ability to see and read your vision so that you can receive, actualize it fully, and then make it happen. Sometimes it’s just the doing that holds me hostage.

On Sunday Afternoon I got to finally see one of my visions come to life. I planned a brunch! A vision brunch. Each guest invited distinctly, and with a particular purpose. I wanted to create a space for likeminded individuals, all filled with potential; goal oriented, business driven, entrepreneurs to share in an experience of growth. An environment where we could continue to be transparent and honest so that we can learn from each other.

More than anything, I wanted each of us to have the opportunity to speak. When I look at my peers, each of whom I invited, I feel that we all have a platform, or are working towards a platform thats deserving of notoriety. Each individual has an offering for the world and when I look at social media, there is no reason we aren’t on panels, invited to speak in spaces that discuss culture, and business etc. I wanted us to share in that experience. What I wanted most from my guests, and myself, was to really stop and think about how we would present ourselves, and our dreams, before the world.

I think my greatest concern in planning the brunch centered around the guest list. Not necessarily with whom I invited, but with who would actually attend. Naturally there are a few thing to take into consideration when planning any event: People may not be on time and some folks just won’t show up. That gave me anxiety! Only because this was to be an intimate event and I know the majority of the guests personally. I also know myself, and my expectation. Truth be told, I was fearful that I would harbor feelings of angst to any person that RSVP’d yes and didn’t show. Well, I’m still working on that. Of course there were a few people who in the end, could not attend. All for reasons that can be understood, but part of the feel I wanted to engage in my guests was¬†wanting them to feel booked. I wanted my Vision Brunch to be considered the first of many of our own bookings to speak publicly, to present in a room of our peers, standing in the comfort of our own experiences, sharing our platforms and our offerings. Naturally, I’m disappointed that some could not be present but I don’t take their offerings any less serious.

From L to R: Reginald Ford, La’Tia Turner, Keith Andre, DoMonique Goens, Lamont Baldwin

There is honestly no way for me to be more pleased with the success of our very first vision brunch. Each attendee was bright, forthright, open and honest. They all presented well and we impacted one another. Thats the vision. We connected and left The Green Onion filled with hugs, fueled with ambition and inspired to set our mark on 2016.

I am hugely grateful! You can click on their names to follow their offerings: Lamont Baldwin, Stephanie Williams, Reginald Ford, DoMonique Goens, and La’Tia Turner, all have something to say that YOU should be hearing!

Get inspired!