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The biggest misconception in life; perhaps, is the notion that talent supersedes all, the thought, that it is the end all answer to life, and that it sets room for you before any table of brethren. Wrong.. One of the answers to life has to undoubtedly be ambition. I don’t believe African Americans are taught to be ambitious. We are taught or we learn, somewhere along the way, to find something, pick a thing that we are good at or enjoy, and do that. And, if you’re good at it, you will garner praise, and that praise will bring an audience, that audience validates your “talent” and that talent, makes you successful. Lacking, is the presence of ambition; a desire to be great, best all around. A desire, a will to increase ones own capacity. Yet, ambition at not even be obtainable. Is it acquired? Innate? Or, like it’s sister, discipline, is ambition seething we can can hone.
Anyway, I have never been, never felt anything short of extraordinary. I pride myself on my relentless will to succeed but I’ve learned I’ve lied to myself, in that regard. Truth be told I lack ambition. Ambition lead to execution and execution leads to success. But, before both bore discipline.
That being said. (Note to self) you are smart, kind, and funny; but, more so even, you are greater. Not better, greater, and this is my path to purpose. Allegedly.